Thursday, March 29, 2012

Catching Up!

Busy, Busy this past week. Spent time in the office catching up on paperwork. I've also been practicing my new show for libraries this summer. This will be a fun summer.

By the way, if your company is having a gathering, give me a call. Company picnics or banquets are wonderful places for some magic.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Magic Around Wisconsin and Illinois

I'm getting ready for next week. Though I love just entertaining people, the opportunity to inspire, motivate and teach while doing something fun is highly appealing to me. This coming week allows me to do all of that. Tomorrow morning, I have a birthday party for a student at his school. Top that with a Corporate banquet in the evening where I will be entertaining folks with Close-up magic. Then on Saturday, I have three more birthday parties - in Illinois and the Milwaukee area. Plenty of driving.

Sunday, I drive north to perform two gospel illusion programs for a church in Sheboygan. This allows me to both entertain and present the Gospel at the same time-- a passion for me. And on the heels of that, I drive across the state to present a program for a cub scout pack in Mt Horeb. This program is a fun way to celebrate the scouting experience and highlight the achievements of each scout in the past year.

Monday, finds me back in Illinois presenting my "Clue Into Your World" program to two different school groups. This again is a fun show, but primarily has the dual emphasis of promoting reading and library use as it reinforces key elements in the school's world geography curriculum.

Wow. All of that, and it will only be Monday! But that's my life, and I love it. I also love my family, so I do have some down-time scheduled for them as well.