Monday, April 30, 2012

It certainly was a month for birthdays. I should know. It seems like I performed at most of them. But that's a good thing. Birthday parties are so much fun. The kids are excited, the parents are excited (but for a different reason it would seem), and I'm always excited to walk through the door and be greeted with smiles and cheery faces.  This month saw me in living rooms and hotel conference rooms around southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois-- basically my back yard!

While the kids love the show, I'm pretty sure the hit is always Max. He's a monkey. He's  a puppet. But he's OK with that! Actually, Max is a hit with everyone from the toddlers to Grandma and Grandpa. The text phrase "lol" never fit better than on Max. People really do laugh out loud at his antics. Truth be told, he's my favorite as well.

Of course the kids love getting into the act too. And that keeps things fresh for me. I get to work with different children in every show. Each one is unique and brings something new to a routine that I may have performed hundreds of times. In fact, don't tell anyone, but I've gotten some great ideas for my shows from the people that have helped me out. Funny lines; bits of schtick-- its amazing what happens when someone new comes up 'on stage' to help. Sometimes its a great comic moment that will never happen again. But every once in a while...comedy gold happens, and I find a way to make it happen in every show.

But wait! It's not just for kids anymore. I've been getting more and more calls to entertain at adult birthdays. Usually those special numbers like 40th or 50th birthday. Some folks think its funny to invite a 'birthday magician' to the party for someone a bit more mature. But that's what I do then--something more mature. I still have fun with the audience, but I get a chance to break out the sophisticated stuff (like groucho glasses -- just kidding!). My motto is Always Family Friendly, Always Good Clean Fun! So, the show isn't filled with blue material, just a lot of eye-popping, mind-bending magic and laugh-out-loud fun. Like a big kids magic show should be!

Anyways, feel free to call if you want more information about any of these shows. But try to call at least 6 weeks in advance. Weekends book up faster than most, and I hate disappointing people when they had their hearts set on a Great Scott magic show.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Day Care Center Magical Field Trips

I just got back from a day of performing for some of the best audiences I could hope to have. I'm talking about preschoolers. It's great fun to mystify the high school crowd at the the prom, and its refreshing to perform for my peers in a business setting, but these groups don't hold a candle to the enthusiasm of a room filled with 3, 4 and 5 year olds (sometimes even younger!)  This group is so gratifying to entertain. I get to be a big silly kid for 45 minutes and experience the laughter and giggles coming from a crowd of happy children.

Children's shows certainly have their challenges, and not everyone is cut out for entertaining this age group. But I love doing it. I love seeing eyes wide with astonishment when the magic happens and tearing up from laughter when it all "seems" to be going wrong. I'm a playful guy and full of energy, and performing for preschoolers keeps me active for sure.

This summer, along with a host of other shows I do, I'll be performing at a lot of child care centers around the Milwaukee and Madison areas. If you'd like to see me come to your child's center, have the director give me a call. I always have room for a few more preschool shows!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Prom Night is Magic

Do you remember going to the prom? All dressed up and looking good. Excitement in the air. All that and more. I read today that the average prom goer spends over $1000. Ouch! I know things are more expensive these days, but that sounds a bit steep.

So, the costs are up --way up -- from when I was in high school. One thing that has changed, and probably for the better, is the 'after party'. More and more high schools sponsor a lock-in type of party. As long as you stay within the designated area within the building, you can stay all night. Once you leave, you can't come back in though. This seems to give everyone a reason to stick around and enjoy a fun evening...together.

That's where I come in. Every year a few schools bring me in to entertain the students during the prom. Sometimes its a full stage-show. Other times its strolling close-up magic for smaller groups. These are fun events, and I really like performing at these. So, its prom season, and once again I'm going to the prom. For me the purpose is a bit different now. Though I must admit --I'm still having fun.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Christian Magician

I've had the opportunity to minister at a couple church's in the past few weeks. In fact I spend quite a few Sunday mornings in church services other than my own. Sometimes I am invited in to present my gospel illusion show as a special "treat" for the children. Other times I'm given the sermon portion of the service for the entire church. Either way, I feel honored and pray that what I have to offer is a blessing to everyone in attendance.

The term "magician" brings some negative connotations with it in the context of a church service. So, I make it clear from the start that it is only tricks and illusion. That may not be necessary, but I want everyone to feel comfortable and free to laugh and be amazed. I also want everyone to take something of substance with them as they go. So my gospel illusion show is more than mere entertainment. It's an opportunity to share some truth -- in a very unique way. Maybe I'll come to your church some day and you can see what I mean.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Character Shows

I was out at a couple schools in Wisconsin today doing my "Bee Your Best" character program. I love doing this show for children. It's a fun way to impart a positive message. One of the PTA mom's had seen me at a library program last summer and liked what I did so much that she invited me to her child's school. Great bunch of kids! Thanks Yvonne. While at the second school, I met two children who saw me at a birthday party a few months back. I'm starting to have that happen quite often at just about every show I perform now. . . fame :).