Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Day Care Center Magical Field Trips

I just got back from a day of performing for some of the best audiences I could hope to have. I'm talking about preschoolers. It's great fun to mystify the high school crowd at the the prom, and its refreshing to perform for my peers in a business setting, but these groups don't hold a candle to the enthusiasm of a room filled with 3, 4 and 5 year olds (sometimes even younger!)  This group is so gratifying to entertain. I get to be a big silly kid for 45 minutes and experience the laughter and giggles coming from a crowd of happy children.

Children's shows certainly have their challenges, and not everyone is cut out for entertaining this age group. But I love doing it. I love seeing eyes wide with astonishment when the magic happens and tearing up from laughter when it all "seems" to be going wrong. I'm a playful guy and full of energy, and performing for preschoolers keeps me active for sure.

This summer, along with a host of other shows I do, I'll be performing at a lot of child care centers around the Milwaukee and Madison areas. If you'd like to see me come to your child's center, have the director give me a call. I always have room for a few more preschool shows!

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