Saturday, April 7, 2012

Christian Magician

I've had the opportunity to minister at a couple church's in the past few weeks. In fact I spend quite a few Sunday mornings in church services other than my own. Sometimes I am invited in to present my gospel illusion show as a special "treat" for the children. Other times I'm given the sermon portion of the service for the entire church. Either way, I feel honored and pray that what I have to offer is a blessing to everyone in attendance.

The term "magician" brings some negative connotations with it in the context of a church service. So, I make it clear from the start that it is only tricks and illusion. That may not be necessary, but I want everyone to feel comfortable and free to laugh and be amazed. I also want everyone to take something of substance with them as they go. So my gospel illusion show is more than mere entertainment. It's an opportunity to share some truth -- in a very unique way. Maybe I'll come to your church some day and you can see what I mean.

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