Monday, September 17, 2012

Minnesota Wedding Magic

Just back from Minnesota. This time I wasn't there to perform any magic. I was there to witness magic -- the magical birth of a new family. My nephew just got married. He and his new bride  had a wonderful ceremony in Forest Lake followed by a reception at one of the most unique venues I've every been to. The reception was held at a Library in St Paul. But this isn't your standard library. Its the James J Hill Reference Libray. Built in 1921, it stands three stories tall inside with books lining the marble walls and and floors. It truly is a beautiful space. The couple has great taste-- but an even greater love for each other, I believe. I wish them all the best in their new life together.

Having a Saturday off was unusual for me though. I had to plan this several months in advance to make that happen. Typically, I'm at two or three parties during the day and perhaps an evening show as well. Then Sunday I usually have a couple shows in the afternoon and evening as well. So, it was a whirl-wind trip. While some stayed overnight, my family traveled up and back in the same day so that I could be available for my planned shows on Sunday. Needless to say, it was a late night. We didn't get back until almost 3:30 am. But with a few hours sleep, I was refreshed and ready  to go.

It would have been nice to stay in the area and present one of my educational programs at a couple schools in Minnesota while there. However my son was along, and he needs to be at his own school. So, I'll have to make a separate trip up to St. Paul to present my program.

This year I added a program called "The Magic of Dreaming Big." I toured it through the library systems during the summer, and with a few modifications, it is now ready for Schools all over the Midwest. This is a fun, educational and motivational program of magic, music and ventriloquism. The main thrust is to help kids think seriously about their future--but have fun while doing it. I have no doubt it will become a favorite of schools. I know its my favorite to present.

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