Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Magician Gives Thanks

It's November. Soon we'll be celebrating Thanksgiving and everything that entails. As a culture, we seem to celebrate in different ways in recent years. In my neck of the woods -- there are lots of deer hunters taking off for  . . . well, their neck of the woods to bag that trophy buck. And more recently, it seems that stores are attempting to cut into the holiday to boost their bottom line. Not content with the day after, they've decided that American's want to come out on Thanksgiving day to wait in line and get the big deals of the year.

My family still celebrates in a more traditional way. We gather together, cook a big meal-- yeah, watch a little football -- but take some time to actually give thanks for what we have. And if we live in America, we still have a lot to be thankful for. I'm thankful that we can gather together and freely give thanks to God. I'm thankful that all our needs are met -- and this year we're all healthy. I'm thankful that I can make a living for my family doing something that I absolutely love! That is truly "magical" to me.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Transition Time

September is here. School is back in session. Vacations are over. And if I look closely, I can see a few leaves starting to fall. This is a month of transitions. It is, for me, a brief time to slow the pace of a hectic schedule -- to regroup, catch my breath and get ready for the next season.

So, I've taken a couple days to relax and just enjoy. Because I know, it will all start pumping again in a couple weeks. School shows, holiday shows, various fall "kickoffs". I'm looking forward to it all. But right now . . . I think I'll just have a cup of coffee and enjoy the day.


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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

There's No Business Like Show Business . . .

The summer months are by far my busiest season. I'm out performing shows just about every day of the week -- sometimes two, three or four show in a single day. I might leave at 5:30 A.M. to travel to the middle of Wisconsin or Illinois, set up my show at a library or a summer camp and be ready to perform at 10:00. Then, I'll pack it all up and head down the road to the next location to do it all over again.  Libraries, day camps, child care centers, birthday parties, company picnics, festivals -- and the list goes on. There are so many opportunities to entertain families in the summer.

I used to be a Technical Writer. In fact that was my job for over 10 years. It was interesting. It was certainly good work -- work which I enjoyed. But, in the end, it was not a passion. It was a job. What I do now is a passion. I love everything about being an entertainer -- meeting great people, making them laugh and ooh and ahh, getting the chance to be silly with a bunch of children in the morning and then have just as much fun entertaining an audience of adults that same night. As the song goes "There's no business like show business, like no business I know!"  If you see me at one of my shows this summer, be sure to say hi. I love meeting people like you.  Enjoy the summer!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Magical Travels in May

Here it is--June already!  Summer is just around the corner and school will be out for the year. Most years, my schedule fills up in May with end-of-the-year programs for schools. This year I traveled to five different states during May presenting my most popular shows.  "Great Scott and the Magical Archeology Adventure", "The Magic of Dreaming Big" and "Clue Into Your World". 

It was fun going to Brandon, South Dakota. Their last day of school was May 23. Hopefully, they are all Dreaming Big this summer.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Magically Gearing Up to Book to the Future

If you follow this blog or my facebook page then you've heard about my new program for libraries this summer. It's called "Book to the Future". This has been a labor of love (as all of my shows seem to be). It's a mix of magic and science, with an homage to the Back to the Future movies.

Over the past several months I've been thinking about this -- writing new scripts and practicing all new magical effects. My goal is to present a highly entertaining show but at the same time give the audience some fun facts about science (and perhaps science fiction). Also, I want kids walking away with a positive message about reading and library use. That's a lot to pack into a 45 minute program, but I think I've accomplished my goal.

On Tuesday, I launch the show for the public. Check with your local library to see if they have invited me (Great Scott) to come to your library. I can't be everywhere, but I've always got room for one more library on my schedule. If not this year, then maybe next. Don't be afraid to ask for me by name. Librarians need to hear from their patrons.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Change, Change, Change

It seems the only constant in life is change. That is so true for what I do. Most people get up at the same time every morning and drive to the same place to work pretty much the same hours doing their job. Not me. Well the getting up part might be the same. But as a magician and entertainer the where and when is in constant flux. This past week I worked in three states doing several different types of shows.

Most recently, I was in Iowa to present my "Magic of Dreaming Big" motivational reading program for elementary schools. The program is educational, motivational and a whole lot of fun. I love presenting this and all the other educational programs I've created for schools. However, my morning was free. So, I contacted a couple preschools in the area and was able to visit them for a morning of fun.

That was just one day though. Then there were the birthday parties, and the employee company luncheon -- each of which requires a different skill set. Oh, and I'll be presenting a program of Gospel illusions this coming week. I love doing that. It does keep me thinking though -- and that's a good thing!

Which reminds me, if you have need of some entertainment for an event, give me a call. I'm always up for an adventure and a bit of change.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Great Scott "It Must Be Magic!"

"Do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life."  Well that's mostly true. I should know. As an entertainer, I get to make a living doing the things I truly love. Every season seems to have a different emphasis and seems to bring new challenges. That just adds to the excitement and thrill of doing what I do.

Throughout the school year I get to share messages of encouragement with children as I present one of my educational programs in schools throughout the Midwest. Then in summer, I get to do the same in libraries. Most weekends you'll find me standing in someone's living room entertaining a group at a birthday party. These are great fun --kids laughing, adults laughing, oohs, aahs, and everyone happy -- including me!

Then there are the scout banquets in February and March, the company picnics, festivals and fairs throughout the summer,  company holiday parties in December and January. Yes, it all keeps me busy. And I do love it.

Standing in front of an audience, I get a view that most never will. I get to see the laughter, not just hear it. I have the unique perspective that allows me to witness the looks of astonishment, observe the gasps of disbelief, view hands applauding. I get to survey an audience head-on and look each one in the eye and be grateful-- grateful for the gift of time and attention given and grateful for the opportunity to lighten someone's day and encourage them in some small way.  That's the real magic.

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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Tis the Season for Cub Scout Blue and Gold

Each year I perform at a couple hundred different venues. Birthday parties to corporate meetings. But I know that in February, I'm going to meet a lot of cub scouts. That's the month most Cub Scout packs celebrate their achievements with an annual Blue & Gold banquet. These are wonderful events. The boys get their various awards and a few get their official and ceremonious send-off to the Boy Scouts.

And I get to be a part of the fun. That's why I don't just do a standard magic show at these events. I have a show that's tailored to the Cub Scouts. One that helps celebrate what they are attempting to accomplish. That way, what I'm doing is more of an integral part of the whole experience. And that's what I like to do.

So, I'm gearing up again for February and March and lots of Blue and Gold Banquet entertainment. If your scout troupe is looking for some great entertainment this year, visit my website and see what I can do for your troupe.