Sunday, October 28, 2012

Last Week in October

Here it is, almost November. Where is the time going to? This whole month was busy, but more so in the last week. I've been in several child care centers performing my Goofy Monster Magic show. Most of those were evening shows for their fall parties. These are fun events where the kids and their parents come and enjoy an evening of fun, along with a meal and in my case, a Great Scott magic show!

There were several private house parties as well. Halloween seems to have grown through the years. Now parents and kids get involved and get dressed up in character. I think many of the parents enjoy the costumes more than the kids -- if the truth were known. But it's all in fun. Case in point -- at one party last night, the host had dressed her dog in a pumpkin costume. Yes, its name actually is Pumpkin... My kind of humor.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Magic -- Rain or Shine!

This past weekend I was busy with shows all over Wisconsin. I entertained at several Birthday parties, Halloween parties, a country club and a pumpkin farm. All were inside -- luckily for me.

I was out to Woldvogel's Pumpkin Farm in Juneau  to perform a magic show for the families that visit over the weekend. They have a great place with so many wonderful family activities. You can, of course, pick your own pumpkin. There is also a 'train' ride, corn maze, 9-hole mini golf and other fun things to do. However, everything except my magic show was an outdoor activity.  So it dampened the turnout just a bit.

If your family is looking for some fun activity to do together, even if you already have a pumpkin, it's worth the drive out the Juneau to experience a day on the farm.  Be sure to visit their website to see  what special activity is happening. Do make the trip though. You'll enjoy it.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fall is a Magical Time

Fall is definitely here. After the long, dry, hot summer, it is refreshingly cool and delightfully beautiful. Today, I am in my office working on a new routine. Practice, practice, practice. As I look out my window, I can see the leaves blowing and gently falling to the ground. The colors are exquisite this year. Truly a wonderful sight.

With the change of season, comes a new season of programs. School programs are back. I'm doing my "Magic of Dreaming Big" motivational program in several schools this month. Then there are the harvest events and parties. October is a big month for those. Everyone from daycare centers to country clubs are hosting parties this month. So I'll be at a lot of those. Mostly, these are private events. However on Oct 13, you can come out to Juneau, WI and see me perform my magic show at Woldvogel's Pumpkin Farm.
There's a bunch of family activities to experience while you're there. Take a look at their website to see what's available.