Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fall is a Magical Time

Fall is definitely here. After the long, dry, hot summer, it is refreshingly cool and delightfully beautiful. Today, I am in my office working on a new routine. Practice, practice, practice. As I look out my window, I can see the leaves blowing and gently falling to the ground. The colors are exquisite this year. Truly a wonderful sight.

With the change of season, comes a new season of programs. School programs are back. I'm doing my "Magic of Dreaming Big" motivational program in several schools this month. Then there are the harvest events and parties. October is a big month for those. Everyone from daycare centers to country clubs are hosting parties this month. So I'll be at a lot of those. Mostly, these are private events. However on Oct 13, you can come out to Juneau, WI and see me perform my magic show at Woldvogel's Pumpkin Farm.
There's a bunch of family activities to experience while you're there. Take a look at their website to see what's available.

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