Sunday, October 28, 2012

Last Week in October

Here it is, almost November. Where is the time going to? This whole month was busy, but more so in the last week. I've been in several child care centers performing my Goofy Monster Magic show. Most of those were evening shows for their fall parties. These are fun events where the kids and their parents come and enjoy an evening of fun, along with a meal and in my case, a Great Scott magic show!

There were several private house parties as well. Halloween seems to have grown through the years. Now parents and kids get involved and get dressed up in character. I think many of the parents enjoy the costumes more than the kids -- if the truth were known. But it's all in fun. Case in point -- at one party last night, the host had dressed her dog in a pumpkin costume. Yes, its name actually is Pumpkin... My kind of humor.

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