Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Great Scott "It Must Be Magic!"

"Do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life."  Well that's mostly true. I should know. As an entertainer, I get to make a living doing the things I truly love. Every season seems to have a different emphasis and seems to bring new challenges. That just adds to the excitement and thrill of doing what I do.

Throughout the school year I get to share messages of encouragement with children as I present one of my educational programs in schools throughout the Midwest. Then in summer, I get to do the same in libraries. Most weekends you'll find me standing in someone's living room entertaining a group at a birthday party. These are great fun --kids laughing, adults laughing, oohs, aahs, and everyone happy -- including me!

Then there are the scout banquets in February and March, the company picnics, festivals and fairs throughout the summer,  company holiday parties in December and January. Yes, it all keeps me busy. And I do love it.

Standing in front of an audience, I get a view that most never will. I get to see the laughter, not just hear it. I have the unique perspective that allows me to witness the looks of astonishment, observe the gasps of disbelief, view hands applauding. I get to survey an audience head-on and look each one in the eye and be grateful-- grateful for the gift of time and attention given and grateful for the opportunity to lighten someone's day and encourage them in some small way.  That's the real magic.

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