Friday, April 25, 2014

Change, Change, Change

It seems the only constant in life is change. That is so true for what I do. Most people get up at the same time every morning and drive to the same place to work pretty much the same hours doing their job. Not me. Well the getting up part might be the same. But as a magician and entertainer the where and when is in constant flux. This past week I worked in three states doing several different types of shows.

Most recently, I was in Iowa to present my "Magic of Dreaming Big" motivational reading program for elementary schools. The program is educational, motivational and a whole lot of fun. I love presenting this and all the other educational programs I've created for schools. However, my morning was free. So, I contacted a couple preschools in the area and was able to visit them for a morning of fun.

That was just one day though. Then there were the birthday parties, and the employee company luncheon -- each of which requires a different skill set. Oh, and I'll be presenting a program of Gospel illusions this coming week. I love doing that. It does keep me thinking though -- and that's a good thing!

Which reminds me, if you have need of some entertainment for an event, give me a call. I'm always up for an adventure and a bit of change.