Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Prom Night is Magic

Do you remember going to the prom? All dressed up and looking good. Excitement in the air. All that and more. I read today that the average prom goer spends over $1000. Ouch! I know things are more expensive these days, but that sounds a bit steep.

So, the costs are up --way up -- from when I was in high school. One thing that has changed, and probably for the better, is the 'after party'. More and more high schools sponsor a lock-in type of party. As long as you stay within the designated area within the building, you can stay all night. Once you leave, you can't come back in though. This seems to give everyone a reason to stick around and enjoy a fun evening...together.

That's where I come in. Every year a few schools bring me in to entertain the students during the prom. Sometimes its a full stage-show. Other times its strolling close-up magic for smaller groups. These are fun events, and I really like performing at these. So, its prom season, and once again I'm going to the prom. For me the purpose is a bit different now. Though I must admit --I'm still having fun.

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