Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Party Magic in Brookfield

I get asked a lot about where people can come and see my show. The truth is, outside of my library programs, I don't do a lot of performances open to the public. The majority of appearances are for private parties, schools or banquets. Someone is getting married and wants entertainment during the reception. Your company is having its employee picnic, holiday party or employee appreciation banquet. School programs, church programs, or the venerable birthday party are all typical places where I perform.

Then I also get invited to home parties for adults. I was at one of these just recently in Brookfield. I had performed a few years back for the grandchildren of this couple, and they thought it would be fun to have a magician at their dinner party. It turned out to be a wonderful time.

Some people seem to think that a magician is only for children. And as I was being introduced, one lady said "Oh, I should have brought my grandson along."  Of course this occasion was all adults, and required a more sophisticated show. Fun, still clean -- but adult. I won't go into all the tricks I performed, but  suffice to say, there was plenty of laughter, lots of audience participation, and quite a few puzzled looks at what was happening during the show. In short -- we all had a great time. I think I won over a few skeptics and made a few new friends as well. I love my 'job'.

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