Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Summer Coming to a Close -- Reflection Time

Can you believe it? Summer is almost over. Many schools are back in session already, and the rest will be in full swing by the end of next week. Where did the time go? I've been so busy that I really didn't have time to keep track.

Soon we'll be pulling out the rakes and light jackets. But before you do that, take some time and think over this past summer -- all the things you did...and didn't do but wanted to. Savor the moments you had together with friends and with your family. Be genuinely thankful for the time you've had. Life is good!!

Did you go on vacation? Did you stay home? Either way, life is good. Did you get a new kitchen? Still making do with the one you have? Life is good either way. What's important, what you will truly remember about this past summer are the relationships that you fostered and grew. The times spent just sitting on the deck with your spouse, playing catch with your kids. Family game nights, and 'chillin' with your peeps (no I really wouldn't actually say that phrase in real life). Those are the best memories from summer.

Oh, I worked a lot. This was probably my busiest summer for performing. It was fantastic to get to entertain literally thousands of people this summer. I truly loved every minute of it. It's exhilarating. But home and family is the place for refreshment. And I cherish those moments any time of year.

Having said that, school is back and this year I have an all new school show to present. Its a modified version of my library program and deals with reading and goal setting. Follow this link to read more about the Magic of Dreaming Big school assembly program.

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