Monday, July 2, 2012

Big Doings in Milwaukee for the 4th

This week we celebrate another year of independence in the United States. That's nothing to take for granted, and is definitely worth celebrating!  I'm a believer in the words of George Santayana when he wrote "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."  So with that in mind, take some time this week and look up a copy of the Declaration in Independence. Then read over the Constitution of the United States. It's good to refresh our minds about what this country is all about.

Of course you'll probably be doing the standard celebrations as well -- like watching the fireworks displays. If you plan to head to the lakefront in Milwaukee for this. These fireworks, which are also one of the grand spectacles of Summerfest, take place at 9:25 on Tuesday, July 3. Find a tall hill or a high building, and you're set, although if you'd like to brave the crowds to get front-row seats you'll need to get to the lakefront.

There are others of course. If you wish to wait until July 4 to actually take in the spectacle, you can  visit the  CITY OF WAUKESHA FIREWORKS (Rain Date July 5)   at the County Fair Grounds Starting about 9:15.

If you're going to Summerfest, you might want to check out some of the other great magical performers that Milwaukee has to offer.

Matthew Magic Morgan and Liliana will be appearing at Summerfest. June 27th, June 28th, and June 30th.
Julie Sobanski, the Princess of Magic will be appearing at Summerfest. July 1st, July 4th, and July 8th.
David Seebach will be appearing at Summerfest. June 27th, June 29th, July 3rd, July 6th, and July 7th.
Gypsy Geoff - Fire Circus Show will be appearing at Summerfest. June 29th, and July 6th.
Ron Fable and Kathie will be appearing at Summerfest. June 30th, July 3rd, and July 5th.
The Magic of Bob Bohm will be appearing at Summerfest. July 7th.

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