Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Business Magic

I've been performing magic for many years now.When I started I was just having fun with a boyhood hobby. As the years moved along, my interest waned with the ebb and flow of life. That is what happens with hobbies. You can afford to take it or leave it. That's something you can't do with a business. In 1997 I turned this into a business and then in 2004 the full-time endeavor of entertaining people became reality for me and my family. I still enjoy it, perhaps more now than ever. But it's not a hobby anymore. It's a business --the business of entertainment.

So as you can surmise, I take my fun very seriously. I work hard on new routines, on finding new customers, new markets, taking care of existing clients and providing the best shows possible. That's why I love doing such a variety of entertainment venues. It keeps me sharp and focused on my client's needs. That's also why I love taking my business to business.

Companies hire me for a variety of reasons. In the summer, the company picnic is a great event for some entertainment. The employees are there along with their families and significant others. A magic show is a wonderful way to give everyone a shared experience to talk about. It helps to build community within the group. The same thing happens at a corporate banquet or dinner. Performing walk-around magic, or close-up magic as it is also called, gets people talking and mingling and helps break the ice in many cases.

Each of  these types of performances is different. A family audience has different needs than an audience of all adults. However, the end result is the same -- everyone having a good time. You merely want your guests to enjoy themselves. It's up to me to help accomplish that goal.Judging by the great reactions I get and the positive comments I consistently receive, it seems like I'm on the right track.

By the way, I'd love to hear from anyone out there who has need of entertainment in the coming months. Tell me about your event and what your goals for that function are. Then we can discuss how I might help you meet those goals.

After all -- that's my business!

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