Thursday, June 21, 2012

Dreaming Big at the Library

I'm almost through the first week of performing my new library show "The Magic of Dreaming Big!" The shows are going fantastic, and this is probably my favorite program that I've presented in libraries. Of course I feel that way every year.

The Dream Big theme allowed me to present a fun show with a nice encouraging message for kids and adults. It seems to be striking a positive nerve too. At the end of every program I have parents, teachers, and librarians coming up to thank me for the smiles or ask if I come to schools (I do!), or tell me they liked the message. That's very gratifying. The hugs from little ones is great compensation as well.

I hope I'm coming to your library this summer. If not, write and tell me where you are, and I can let you know what nearby library you might come a see a show.

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