Friday, June 8, 2012

School's Out -- Bring on the Summer Magic!

Just got back from my final two school-assembly shows today performing my magic in Racine. This particular school has invited me back for four years in a row now. As I've mentioned before, I love working in the schools. Kids are great!! Summer doesn't end that of course. Now come all the summer activities. And I'm involved in a ton of those this year. I take some time off to vacation, but summer is soooo busy for me.

I start next week with performing my  library shows -- two a day for most of the month. and part of the next. Then there are the company picnics, reunions, and other assorted summer-time gatherings at which I get invited to entertain. Add to this,  fairs, church socials, outreach events, a few banquets and a host of birthday parties and you get a slight understanding of my schedule. But, that's why I do what I do. If I weren't busy, this "job" wouldn't be half as much fun. Why? Because I get to meet so many astounding and interesting people when I perform at any event. In fact some of those stories would be fun to blog about in the future.
Here's to seeing you when I'm out and about this summer.

Have a Wonder-full day!!

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