Thursday, June 14, 2012

You Had Me at Goodbye

In my previous entry I promised to talk about another memorable 'first'. This one also involved entertaining children. It occurred at a daycare in the town where I live. It was late January and I had been hired to entertain the children. The kids were obviously a bit stir-crazy. Those long cold days had kept them inside quite a bit already. So when I arrived to perform, they were ready. This was my first time entertaining a group of preschoolers though. So, I wasn't entirely sure that I was ready.

I started my show with a few items that I still use today. Tried and true now, but at the time -- fairly new. The kids responded well. They laughed and enjoyed the magic. They loved the appearance of my rabbit puppet as well as all his antics. The show went over great. I was a hit. Though I didn't realize how much of a hit until I was done packing up and started heading for the door. As if on cue, the children began coming up on their own with arms stretch out offering a hug. Soon I had children hanging on my legs asking me to come back. They continued to follow me down the hall saying "Goodbye Great Scott!" The teachers actually had to call them all back.

So . . .I think they liked the show. And I absolutely loved it! That scene has played itself out to varying degrees over the years at daycares and birthday parties. But that was a first, and I'll never forget the feeling. Kids are great!

Finding a Good Entertainer

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